DEAFinitely SLANG honors deaf culture by designing playful art that celebrates the energetic  voice of deaf teens.  If  you're looking for a gift for a deaf friend and you happen to be  looking for a "peace" or "love" sign in ASL--  you can readily find that.  However, real Deaf culture isn't always so reverent.  It's a lot more entertaining!  That's why we created DEAFinitely SLANG.

About Us

The Inspiration


My art is a tribute to my mother, who was fortunate enough to have grown up in both the deaf and hearing worlds.  As a means to communicate with her favorite aunt and uncle, she quickly adapted by learning the sign language alphabet.  With that small effort, she was able to become their voice in the hearing world.  From grocery shopping, to mediating family fights to planning funerals she became their voice.


She loves deaf culture and loved when her aunt and uncle had an equal opportunity to be her interpreter. When they passed away, she mourned her connection to their world.   She continuously strives to further her education and connection with deaf culture and inspires me with her passion everyday.


Our Vision

The Artist

Based in New York, artist and DEAFinitely SLANG founder, Melissa Alcruz has created a young, energetic and irreverent series of digital art that celebrates deaf culture and slanguage. 


Her DEAFinitely SLANG artwork is currently available for purchase at and


You can also visit Melissa's other store called CHEERfull for more of her artwork.