I have yet to meet a teen that doesn't enjoy joking and goofing around with their friends.  The only difference between deaf and hearing kids is they speak a different language.  That's it!




If you're looking for an "austere" organization for deaf teens -- you've come to the wrong place.  We will not address deafness as a handicap.  We will not ask for your financial support.  What we will do is represent the fun, irreverent voice of deaf youth through art.

Our concept is - if you "want in" on the fun look up the sign language alphabet.  You might even find you want to keep learning their language.  Maybe take up an ASL course?  Maybe strike up a conversation with each other?  Or maybe start a petition for more closed captioning from networks?  However you get involved is your decision.  


The only thing we know for sure is  -

fun + awareness = improvement